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B-Sides: RockTigers

We produced the first B-Sides show!

Here it is with The Rock Tigers

2NE1 Interview for MTV Iggy

Interview shot for MTV Iggy of 2NE1

missA interview for MTV K

Interview shot for MTV K of missA

Video for One Day On Earth. “Warmth of the Cold”

Here is a video I made for the One Day On Earth Project (

This is a project to document the different worlds we share on the same day.  I went to Kwangjang Markt in Seoul, Korea.  I even got lucky and got to be on the “Featured Members” (

I hope you guys like it.

my ecuador

I went on a trip to Ecuador in May (2011).  I shot randomly and with specific plan. Once I got back I looked through the footage and put this together. enjoy~

Slow Monday

So I made and posted my first video for vimeo. I was walking around with my sister Michelle who was taking pictures of a neighborhood right next to the Blue House.

It was a slow monday at Hyojadong (효자동) in Seoul (서울).